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Week 01 Day 01-07 GEN_01__EXO_49  
Week 02 Day_08-14 EXO_30__NUM_34  
Week 03 Day_15-21 NUM_35__JUD_29  
Week 04 Day_22-28 JUD_20__1KI_12  
Week 05 Day_29-35 1KI_13__2CH_13  
Week 06 Day_36-42 2CH_14__PSA_015  
Week 07 Day_43-49 PSA_016__PRO_31  
Week 08 Day_50-56 ECC_01__JER_23  
Week 09 Day_57-63 JER_24__EZE_46  
Week 10 Day_64-70 EZE_47__MAT_21  
Week 11 Day_71-77 MAT_22__JOH_11  
Week 12 Day_78-84 JOH_12__GAL_04  
Week 13 Day_85-90 GAL_05__REV_22  

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